Project date: 07-05-2018 - 02-07-2018
My tools used: Unity and SteamVR

I was the lead programmer of this project and I was responsible for the interaction system which I wrote from scratch and all of the gameplay (puzzle) mechanics.

The interaction system consists of the player's hands which detect things they can interact with and interactables in the scene which execute certain functions when the player presses certain buttons.

The base interactable class has two events and functions that get called by the player when he starts or ends interacting with an object. The events make it easy to plug in extra functionality in the editor. With this system it was very easy to create multiple interactions like grabables or rotatables by extending from this class and executing certain pieces of code when Interact() or DeInteract() gets called.

Apex is a linear VR escape room experience in which the player plays as monkey test subject 24-B.
Complete a series of tests located in a tight space ship to get back to earth. While you're doing these tests you'll be accompanied by a drone that will guide you through the game so you won't feel alone in the vastness of space.