Gates of Glory

Project date: 06-02-2018 - 25-04-2018
Tools used: Unity, 3ds Max and Substance Painter

This game was made by me and three classmates as our first group project in second year of college.
I had the producer role in this project and was responsible for the gameplay mechanics in and around the castle which consisted of programming and animating all of the UI, weapons and rooms.

Building and upgrading one of the weapons and rooms.

A simple LOD system I made which changes the models to sprites when the camera's field of view is above a certain threshold. The little animation prevents an abrupt swap.

Gates of Glory is a 2.5D castle defense game where you build weapons and rooms to defend your castle from waves of enemies. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. To do that you have to build and upgrade weapons in and on top of your castle such as ballistas and canons. There are also four empty rooms where you can build four different types of rooms. For example a minion room to buy your own minions that fight against the enemies or an ambush room to unleash a rain of arrows/meteors/spears from above.
There's also a shop where you can buy traps to place on the ground such as spikes which damage enemies or a patch of oil which slows enemies.