GGJ January 31 - February 02, 2020

Theme: Repair
Tools used: Unity and Photoshop

Astrovoid is a game about an astronaut who lost his spaceship in a meteor accident. Trapped in space with only a jetpack and a magnet gun it's your task to recover all the pieces of your spaceship while trying to dodge incoming meteors.

GGJ January 25-27, 2019

Theme: What home means to you
Tools used: Unity and Photoshop

Bird, Go home! is a 2D singleplayer game with a flappy bird like gameplay style featuring simple controls. You play as a little chubby bird who fell out of his mothers nest and who now has to find his way back home.

GGJ January 26-28, 2018

Theme: Transmission
Tools used: Unity, Photoshop and Bosca Ceoil

This game is about a bat who tries to deliver a lost letter to the end of the cave. You play as the bat who is inside a dark cave filled with deadly obstacles which you first need to reveal using your sonar and then go past to advance further into the cave. This game has been polished and worked on a little bit more since the end of the game jam. For the original game go to the official GGJ2018 site and download it from there.

Our game has won the awards: 'Best Game' and 'Jammers Choice Award'.