Paint Rush

Project date: 19-11-2018 - 25-01-2019
My tools used: Unity and Photon Networking

I was the lead programmer of this project and I was responsible for creating and networking the games combat system, the main gameplay loop and various other smaller gameplay mechanics.
What I would do differently next time is use a different networking solution. The PUN package we were using isn't really suitable for a game like this which resulted in it presenting me with a few data syncing challenges. Although they were definitely interesting to figure out and I learned a lot from it.

Paint Rush is a fast paced online multiplayer first person shooter. Battle your friends in a sci-fi arena filled with jumppads and pickups.
Every player has four paint bars ( cyan, green, yellow and magenta) representing their health. Hitting a player with a certain color of paint fills their bar by a certain amount. When a players bar is filled he dies and the player who got the last hit gains a capturable paint mark. Capture a paint mark to gain a point and to register your score on the scoreboard but be careful, getting hit by a color of paint other than the color of your mark decreases the marks health.