Travel Expenses

Project date: Some days in July and August of 2019 (Personal side project)
Tools used: Unity and Google Firebase Realtime Database

This is an expense management app I made for me and a couple of friends our roadtrip. The purpose of this app is to keep track of all of our expenses and budget. All of the data is stored in Google's realtime database meaning multiple users can use the app at the same time, editing data and see each others changes in realtime.

Add, edit or remove categories and expenses. An expense consists of an amount, description and person who paid for it. There's a currency converter which updates its rates at startup and a statistics screen to see how much money everyone has spent in total and some basic info like the average expense cost per category.

PS The download button above lets you download a debug version of the app meaning it can't access the database but you can still play around with the core features of the app.

Demo Video