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About me

I'm Dominik Beens. A Dutch Game Developer at Little Chicken Game Company in the Netherlands. I'm 24 years old and love programming video games and the tools that assist in the development process of creating video games.

Some of my favorite games of all time include: World of Warcraft, GTA:SA, League of Legends and Bioshock Infinite. Playing these games always made me wonder how their worlds were actually created and with what tools they were created. I've always been very intrigued by videos demonstrating the creation of a certain zone in a game. This is what started my interest in game development.

I started using Unity as a hobby in 2015 and made my first game with it in that same year. That's where things started and when I began to dig deeper into programming and also began my game development study at school. I've been using Unity ever since and have also learned the basics of tools like 3ds Max and Substance Painter/Designer.

A big part of my development process is making sure there's enough feedback and polish on the element I'm working on. Whether it's animating an object/interface or adding visual effects. I want my games to be interactive and enjoyable and to clearly communicate when a player executes a certain interaction.

My interest does not only lie in game development but also in other technologies like web development where I've created applications with frameworks like Electron, React, or Next.js which is what this website has been made with.

Feel free to check out the projects I've worked on!