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Traffic Jams

2019 - 2021

Unity | React | Socket.IO

The game

In a world without traffic lights, one reigns supreme. Step onto the crossroads as the world's worst traffic controller to keep traffic flowing in the face of outrageous events and flagrant road rage.

Starting out on a quiet corner in a small town, job offers start pouring in from around the globe. Guide rude pedestrians, impatient drivers, and the occasional meteorite along before road rage strikes. Sounds easy? Think again! This chaotic VR game is full of monsters, (un)natural disasters, and something called… 'cheese bowling'?


I joined this project very early on in development and stayed with it until its final changes. Due to that I've worked on basically every part of the codebase, from implementing VR gameplay mechanics to store requirements.

After initial release on all PC & Android platforms I took over the role of Product Owner with a very small team to release the game on PlayStation and to build the first content update. This meant that besides developing the game I was now also responsible for the communication between us and our publisher, Vertigo Games.